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First raised bed in the vegetable garden


My first attempt at a ‘no-dig’ bed.

Also my first attempt at attaching wood together using power tools. Very satisfying on both counts. I should be further along with this, and I would have been if the English Ivy had not covered the ground with such voracity. I had intended to work on ivy clearance and leave the veg growing for next year…. could not wait so I have ‘cracked on’ as they say.

The now infamous ‘Raised Bed B’ is 3ft by 3ft. Raised Bed A is a repurposed bookshelf poking into the left side of the photo. This will be most likely be used for herbs.

The non-bed areas where ivy has been cleared have wood chips on – perhaps a vain attempt to deter weed regrowth. Cardboard from cartons (Thanks Amazon.) covers the bed areas which have good soil from previous gardening forays and associated addition of compost – lots of it. Compost (I love compost) going on top of the cardboard in the beds next.

It was good to see that the 25-year old anti-rabbit netting that was buried surrounding the garden has stood up to the elements and will work fine if I can get the gates sorted. It will need to work as my garden is a safari park for rabbits, wild turkeys, raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks.

A small beginning, but I have some big plans.