New Me

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 28th. It was a relief. I had done all the high-quality worrying a person could ever do in advance of going to the doctor. Currently very positive… Having a plan of attack for the lump, “Horace”, is very encouraging. When I was a youngster the ‘c’ word was a kiss of death. But these days it seems that there are procedures in place to do something about what I have. I am ready.

Easy to say when you haven’t got into the treatments… I am still trying to inform myself about things I had not considered I would ever have to – side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and the drugs that seem to always be a part of all the treatments.

All of the information on the internet is both helpful and terrifying. I was told not to look at it, but that is not who I am. I don’t have blind faith in anything (or anyone) so I like to get as much info as I can. After months of waking from dreams of horrific death, I am at last sleeping through most nights. I don’t feel ill (yet) and I am determined not to lose my love for life. I have breast cancer, it does not have me!

Horace will be gone on April 30th. I will not.